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Professors Teresa Iacono and Christine Bigby


Project Team (Living with Disability Research Centre)

Dr. Jo Spong

Dr. Ana Garcia-Melgar

Ms. Charity Sims-Jenkins

Dr. William Crisp

Professor Jacinta Douglas

Project Partners

Bendigo Health

Eastern Health

Golden City Support Services



Video production
Website development
Linda Wong, Website consultant
Graphics production
Melanie Hayes, Living with Disability Research Centre
Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services
Thank you:

  • Peta Khan, Leigh Bramall and the Maitree team.

  • Callee Petropoulos, Gerard Langridge and Robert Croft, our key actors.

  • Fiona McKenzie, Narrator

  • All the actors in the videos.

Reference Group Members​

  • Ian McLean (Golden City Support Services)

  • Paul Ireland, Rod Carracher (Yooralla)

  • Anna Pilot

  • Fay Richards

  • Samantha Camilleri

  • Angela Crombie, Shelli Abbott, Andrea Sloane (Bendigo Health)

  • Essie Low, Anita Wilton, Maggie Ambrose (Eastern Health)

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