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Disability support worker talking to a patient with intellectual disability in a hospital bed

People with Intellectual Disabilities

The Framework

Diagram showing the four framework processes: Knowing, Informing, Collaborating, Supporting

This section is for people with intellectual disability. You can read it yourself or ask someone, such as a disability support worker, family member of friend, to read it to you. You will see people with intellectual disabilities in different parts of the hospital. 

A study that we did showed that good hospital care happens through:

  • Knowing about the hospitals and how they work.

  • Informing and sharing information about a person with intellectual disability with hospital staff.

  • Collaborating with hospital staff and family or disability support workers of the person with intellectual disability. 

  • Supporting the person through the hospital journey.

The person who supports you when you go to hospital can go to one of the other pathways. It will show them how they can best help you to have a good hospital experience.

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